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A Lady by Midnight - Tessa Dare 4 stars

This one started out a little slower than others by Dare. I felt as though I was reading about 2 people who were separate but not together. It didn't have the sparkle and wit of other Dare titles.

Thankfully, it picked up fairly quickly and I could finally recognize Tessa Dare's voice. Charming, witty, beautiful prose. Engaging characters. I would have liked to have seen a little more of the Spindle Cove community we've come to know and love.

The connection between Kate and Thorne is deep and true once made. I higighted one passage that was too long to retype on my phone but suffice to say that Thorne makes Kate feel beautiful. And desired. And though he feels unworthy, he lives and breathes for her. In subtle small ways, and in huge gestures as well.

I liked that he suffered a bit from PTSD and that Kate just accepted it as part of his life experience and loved him through each episode.

Botj their grand gestures at the end ended up making me sigh at the romance but the connection they made was what truly caused my happy sigh.

Also, an epilogue I enjoyed tremendously.

Although I didn't connect quite as quickly as I did with all her previous books, I ended up just as invested and satisfied when all was said and done.