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Stowaway - Becky Barker As always, just a couple thoughts. I liked that small town country life was portrayed as a mix of the racist, uninformed crazies and of good, hardworking wonderful people. It's an interesting dichotomy in our country right now, and the book accurately reflected my impressions of the south right now. It's easy to get caught up in the people that make the news and not so easy to remember that they aren't always reflective of the society in which they live. I thank Barker for reminding me of that.

I liked both Keri and Nick, as well as both their families. I liked that their relationship had to build the trust and that they both had issues with that.

The love story felt pretty real to me, even if it was fast. But the HEA didn't come after a couole weeks, thankfully. It gave me the touch of reality that so many rom susp lack - the characters had time to come down off their adrenaline highs, build a relationship over time (and distance) and cement a trust and love.

Well done.