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The Virgin's Revenge - Dee Tenorio I love Dee Tenorio's writing. She uses that mix of humor & emotion as so many of my favorite authors do. I was a little worried at the beginning, when it all seemed a little slapstick, but I don't know why I worried. Tenorio never fails to deliver the goods. My heart broke for Amanda and Cole, while at the same time loving their banter and the realism it contained. I admit to loving Cole just a bit more than Amanda. I loved how he took pride in the way she spread her wings. How he said I love you first. How he stood up to her brother. And I loved how Dee incorporated the personality if a programmer into Cole. I admit to many a night where I was so buried in code I didn't realize morning had come. Perfection. (Cole & staying up all night working the code).

With the ending and the epilogue, it was pretty easy to see where the next book is going. I liked Locke so much.... ok, aside from his caveman tendencies. His situation reminds me a little of Lauren Dane's Brody Brown. I can't wait to see him relax and loosen up with his heroine.

All in all, a fun, emotional, satisfying read.