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The Officer Says "I Do" - Jeanette Murray 3.5 stars. It was an enjoyable read, but nothing spectacular. A story of opposites attracting, when a strightlaced, yeah, kinda boring on the outside man meets a hippie free spirited woman. I liked how Tim was willing to really think about things and stood up for his wife. And I liked how she, in turn, tried to be who she thought he wanted by toning herself down. Of course, their confusion could have been avoided if Tim had just opened his mouth, but not doing so fit his personality. He's a thinker, an analyzer. So until he had it all worked out in his head, he wouldn't talk. Also? Hated both the CO and his wife, but pretty sure I was supposed to. They definitely represent old time military, and their attitudes made sense in that role. But I still hated them.

Also, loads of sequel baiting here with Tim's sister and his best friend, but I'm looking forward to reading it.