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The Scarred Heart - Denise Patrick 3.5 stars.

I enjoyed this book. Even though it was full of heartache and angst, I really liked all the characters and the sad story they had to tell.

Where it went wrong for me was in how easily Emma seemed to get over being raped multiple times. I thought she might have some fear when making love with Lion again, but she didn't. She seemed to get over her fear of the house almost immediately once she & Lion reconciled. And what was the deal with his mother? She almost seemed mentally ill, as if she didn't remember blaming Emma for her son's death. Why did noone hold her accountable for that?

While I wondered at all these things, I really like Patrick's writing, and she made me care about these people tremendously. I assume (hope) she's writing Emma's brother's story, because I think he's got a great backstory and am looking forward to revisiting all these folks.