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Tangled Past (Tangled) - Leah Braemel While it's very, very difficult to buy into a permanent menage in the late 1800s (and even earlier!), I was able to get past my disbelief and really dig into this story.

While married to Sarah's father, her mother had a love affair with an Indian and got pregnant by him, and so her father has never treated Sarah well, especially since her mother's death. When she walks in on Jackson and Nate getting down and dirty in the barn, she's seen in a compromising position by her brother. Even though she did nothing wrong, she is forced to marry Jackson. Anxious to get away from her father and brother, Sarah agrees, even though she feels guilty about coming between Nate and Jackson.

Jackson and Nate are only GFY and both are very attracted to Sarah. To her physically and to her inner strength. On their wedding night, Sarah discovers passion and quickly comes to care about Jackson, and he returns the sentiment.

However, he feels guilty about still wanting Nate, too, and Nate also wants both Jackson and Sarah.

Unbelievable as the story sounds, I was able to move past the implausibility and enjoy the hell out of the book. It's a testament to Braemel's writing, because she explores the feelings of guilt, anxiety, and discomfort of being a bisexual man in the 1800s, as well as the uncertainty of being the woman caught between those two men. There's a lovely quality about her voice, and I like her stories - they somehow resonate with me. I wanted it to work out for the three of them and wondered how long Jackson and Nate could go on pining for one another. When this threesome does finally come together, it makes sense, and they are all open and honest with each other.

Part of the story revolves around the acceptance of their situation by the housekeeper and while I found her story touching and sad, it's a big piece of what seemed so unbelievable about the story. That said, I did like her a lot, and I also liked that Jackson and Nate worried about being caught and hanged. It gave the necessary touch of realism.

My advice on reading this is to set aside your disbelief and just soak up the love story and enjoy the characters, because it's beautifully written and Braemel's voice is terrific.