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It's Not Christmas Without You - HelenKay Dimon 3.75 stars. I didn't fall in love with this story as I'd hoped. I really, really liked the premise, but felt like both Austin and Carrie seemed a bit immature and I wasn't convinced of their HEA. I was convinced they both desperately wanted the HEA with each other, but I never was convinced they'd have it. Sadness. I usually adore HKD's books.

Obviously, I liked it enough to rate it almost a 4, however, and that is because of a few things. First, both characters grew. Even though there wasn't a huge word count for them to do it in, they grew. Also, I liked Carrie sticking to her guns and wanting to experience life a bit, and build the career that was important to her. Both Carrie and Austin are young still, so this made sense to me. And I loved the relationship between Austin and his brother. That's where Dimon's signature humor came shining through. Plus, an interesting history coming from Austin and his family. I'd be very interested in knowing a bit more about that.

But hello! She has 3 Intrigues coming out this year. I do believe that she is singlehandedly responsible for my renewed devotion to that line. So I'm totally looking forward to that. Also, I sure hope she writes another longer length single title again. I miss those from her.