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Addicted to Love - C.J. West Spoilers abound.

The 1.5 stars is because the original premise intrigued me - a town full of Stepfordy-couples. It was quickly obvious that the town was being drugged.

I got the creeps early on when Wes' girlfriend was irritated that he was solving a murder rather than boinking her. And that it was more impt for him to boink her nonstop than to get any rest when he was obviously exhausted.

It became predictable quickly, and I was even more creeped out at the thought of all the old me. drugging these young women to fall in love with them.

The end is so awful, when the maon couple doesn't have enough faith in their love that they keep the drug and continue using it for their *cough* HEA.

So many bad messages here. Just ick.