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A Little Harmless Submission - Melissa Schroeder 3.5 stars
I enjoyed this book a lot, although there were some trouble spots for me. Both Maria and Rome let their affair get in the way of their job for part of the book, and that bothered me, since they both came across as very professional. Also, the villain was very obvious to me fairly early on, which made me sad. Though I must admit I'm very good at picking the villain in RS.

While I don't really "get" the BDSM lifestyle, I thought that Schroeder did a great job of making the characters' motivations transparent, and I loved that Maria was firm that outside the bedroom, she was nobody's sub. Also, I really loved the camaraderie between Rome, Evan, and Micah. Love it when male friendship is portrayed so wonderfully.

I did think the ending (the we're getting married part) cane too quickly, but understood that this couple was in love and would get their HEA.

Melissa Schroeder's voice is one that I really enjoy. Not a lot of extras or superfluous text, but still carries the emotion necessary to involve the reader right from the start.