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Sexy As Hell - Susan Johnson Hero is an unapologetic alcoholic at 22. Intense interactions between H/H all based around sex.

I intensely disliked this book. For several reasons. First, the hero is a slobbering drunk. Oz and Izzy spend all their time either arguing and hating one another, or having sex. And not necessarily with each other. Oz keeps a mistress almost until the very end of the book. They fight and argue until the very last chapter at which time they declare their love for one another and they all lived happily ever after. Ugh.

So… hero is an alcoholic. And an asshole. A cheating asshole at that.

Heroine is a bitch. And a manipulative one at that.

They have sex the first time they meet, in fact, almost immediately. Then spend the rest of the book arguing and screwing.

While I found several redeeming qualities in this book's predecessor, Gorgeous as Sin, I found almost nothing at all to recommend this one. I was surprised that the hero was only in his early 20s – he had so much hard living behind him. When it was revealed that Oz was poisoned, I was thinking, "Finally. Put me out of my misery." But of course, he recovered, damn it. Lived to screw someone else another day.

If you don't care about glorified alcoholism, infidelity, or unlikable characters, then I recommend this book. If those things bother you? Don't bother.