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Maybe This Time - Kathryn Shay Yet again, Shay confronts a tough issue, with a teenager totally disengaging from society, her parents, and her school. She gets involved with a crowd of girls with a vendetta against a teacher, and has to decide how to handle it.

Her favorite teacher, Delaney, met her dad on a trip to Atlanta, although they each didn't know who the other was. They couldn't wait to carry forward, until they realized their relationship to the other and knew they couldn't continue the relationship.

As Gage and Delaney try to keep their one night stand secret, they cannot deny the growing feelings between them as they try to do the right and ethical thing for all involved.

Meanwhile, as Stephanie tries to deal with her hurt feelings stemming from a mentally ill and therefore seemingly uncaring mother, her perceived disciplinarian father, and her parent's divorce, she has to decide whether to accept her dad's overtures of love and healing while also trying to decide if she should tell an adult what she has learned about her schoolmates.

Shay addresses teacher/parent relationships, school violence, and, teenage disenfranchisement in this short novel, and as always does it with grace and spot-on characterization.