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Turn It Up (Turner Twins, #2) - Vivian Arend 4.5 stars. Older woman/younger man is one of my least favorite tropes. In general, I hate it with a thousand passions. Because the woman is always freaking out about how the man is too young for her. Ugh.

So, worried as I was, I was thrilled to see that that wasn't the case with Turn It Up. Tasha had issues, oh yes she did, but they stemmed from abandonment issues rather than age issues. And it thrilled me to see that she consciously tried to open herself up to Max. Usually the women are trying to come up with excuses to keep themselves closed off, and while she did a tiny bit of that, more often she was convincing herself to let him in, to open up, to experience life with him.

And Max. Ahhh, what a gem he was. Smart, funny, workaholic but willing to make time for his woman, and hot. Believe me, he had to be super hot if I could overcome the name Max. Totally committed to Tasha and their baby and their life together. And so patient, too.

If you've ever been pregnant, you appreciate the accuracy of the descriptions and feelings of being pregnant described. The push and pull of a schizophrenic sex drive - there one minute and soooo not there the next. Of nesting. Of awkward positions in sex. And I loved the scene where they had the ultrasound, and while wanting so badly to share the warm fuzzies with Max, Tasha simply said hang on and ran off to pee.

To me, it was very odd that this book came 2nd in the series, as it takes place before book 1 and also serves to put Maxy's (max's sister - don't ask) innocence and situation into some perspective. Still, if I hadn't read book 1 first, I never would have had any issues. I highly recommend reading these two books out of order. I liked them both, but this one especially.