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Christmas with Her Boss - Marion Lennox 4.5 stars. Read this because of Shannon Stacey's review. I think she was dead on. I really enjoyed this book. Loved all the characters, but had to wonder why the heroine felt she had to resign her position, especially given how infrequently she saw her boss.

Otherwise, loved the story, the characters, the emotions conveyed in the characterizations. We see the heroine caring for her family and their reaction to it - the way they try to care for her in return. ANd how she comes to love the hero in such a short time. He is caring, warm, and helpful despite his determination to be otherwise. We see the hero's desire to keep emotionally clear but his inability to actually do so through his actions and his words. I loved how he just got sucked into the love and warmth of the family.

Loved the way the grandmother and brother quietly accepted Meg as the head of the household, but still supported her emotionally rather than taking from her. There was give and take and real obvious love in this family.

Terrific book.