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Undeniably Yours - Shannon Stacey I loved the first Kowalski book. And I wanted to love this one just as much. I adored Kevin. He was a great mix of devilish and strong family man. He already felt something for Beth even before she showed up pregnant. So wanting to be with her seemed a natural extension for him.

I had a very hard time warming up to Beth. She kept holding Kevin off, and while I understood the reluctance to jump into a relationship because of the baby, she never gave them a chance to find out if there was anything else there. Her original reason of feeling smothered by her parents was good until I saw them all interacting, and it seemed she had a great relationship with them. She seemed to be inventing excuses and it wore thin after a while.

So in a juxtaposition of the usual, it was Kevin who jad far fewer doubts, and Beth who really didn't want to get involved.

Once again, I adored the Kowalski family. I loved the bickering, the teasing, the obvious love they shared. They told it to each other like it is. And I always knew they were there for each other.

I was so happy to see Kevin stand up for himself at the end, to be willing to let Beth go for his own sanity. And I loved the honest way he accepted her back, too. He didn't play games. He just loved her and wanted to be with her.

Another wonderful secondary romance set a great tone here as well.

So while I didn't want to have babies with this book the way I did with Exclusively Yours, I still really really liked it. And would recommend it, especially since Stacey took a different view of the tried and true (and really not my favorite) I got pregnant let's get married trope. And I imagine that made the book all that much better.