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Love Is Blind - Lynsay Sands 4.5 stars.

I adored both the hero and heroine here. They were sweet, adorable together and complemented each other perfectly. Just when it seemed the wicked stepmother got too over the top, she showed some vulnerability, so thay went well for me, too.

I guessed the whodunnit in this very light mystery, but the fact that I had to open the book back up to refresh my memory on it tells me that it in no way overshadowed the romance. And the fact that I remember almost every detail about Clarussa and Adrian's coutship tells me it was a good eomance.

I loved Adrian's family and Clarissa's father. He definitely wasn't perfect, but I thought his marriage showed some of the realities of the times.

I did laugh out loud at Joan's wedding night description, but thought that Clarissa's reaction to it was a little much once she and Adrian were together on their wedding night. Especially given how far they'd gone together before then. But i also know how little that girls kbew back then, so was able to overlook it.

Sweet, wonderful romance. It's not often that i adore both the hero and the heroine.