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Desiring the Highlander - Michele Sinclair 3.5 stars. I liked this one, but not as much as the other two. I thought Elle and Cole were both well-drawn and believable. I enjoyed the secondary characters, too. But a few things bothered me. First, there was a lot of internalizing. Next there was a lot of analysis of emotions with what I perceived to be modern verbiage. "Cole internalizes his emotions" just doesn't sound like something a 14th century woman would say. I was disappointed that Colin was barely mentioned. And that he and hiswife didn't appear for the wedding.

And last, this book contained my latest pet peeve. A kidnapping for no reason. The conflict could have been handled another way, but I just knew a kidnapping was coming and I awaited it with dread. Authors, please stop with the "kidnapping as climax" endings. I beg of you!

So overall I liked this one, but there were a Few things that bothered me.