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Heaven Forbids - Karen Ranney 3.5 stars. This reads much like Ranney's early work - has an epic feel of love found, lost, and found once again. It felt a little more disjointed than others I've read from her, however, and also was a little more morally ambiguous. The hero and heroine fall in love at first sight, but he is married to her niece. It would have been easier to accept had Sarah been a horrible person, but she wasn't.

As Sarah descends into madness (brought on by an OD of laudanum?), Hugh and Kathryn love more and feel guilty as well. But they are unable to turn away from one another. Once they do, they are both miserably unhappy.

In the end, they come back together following a multitude of tragedies.

If you can overlook adultery in the face of true love, and can deal with the imperfections of
an early book, then you will surely enjoy this book. If you can't, then I recommend you don't even try.