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The Duke's Captive - Adele Ashworth Wow, This was a very intense book, and there is a lot of morally ambiguous behavior on the part of both hoer and heroine. For his part, Ian pretty much put his desire for revenge against Viola out there but Viola kept secrets from Ian for much of the book, until it was all stripped away. It's a very angsty book, but it was totally appropriate.

There is what I would call a forced seduction scene in it, that fit completely with Ian's thirst for revenge, and his interpretation of past events. Normally, I'm not down with scenes of this nature, but given Ian's recollections and feelings of betrayal, violation, and horror at his past with Viola and her sisters, I was able to read it and not hate Ian (although I was sad that he went through with it).

Here is a man who, from his viewpoint, was held captive, raped, and starved near to death. I thought Ian's recollections of his time in captivity were very well handled, realistically portrayed, and so very, very sad. As was his desire for revenge - for some sort of retribution, really, against the one who got away without any legal punishment.

This gets 4 instead of 5 because I never truly bought that Viola couldn't get word to someone, and I never truly got the reason for the kidnapping in the first place. I thought it was a mistake to leave that reveal until the very end. It should have been brought out with the rest of Viola's revelations.