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Three Nights with a Scoundrel - Tessa Dare 4.5 stars.

This one really touched me. I loved that Julian, once he decided to share his past (and only halfway through the book!), really opened up to Lily. And I loved that Lily's deafness was portrayed realistically, but that Dare showed that she could still have a normal life. Being half-deaf and a lip-reader myself, I appreciated her noting that when faces were turned away, Lily couldn't see what people were saying. I also liked her noting that Lily basically got the gist of what people were saying, even if she didn't understand everything that was said. How true this is! I was surprised, however, to read about a group of deaf people who were signing, and how accepted it was. It made me wonder if I should look it up to see if signing was an accepted language back then already. But not enough to actually go do it :)

Anyway, I liked that even though Julian and Lily love each other at the beginning of the book, they took the time to get to know each other (ok, Lily forced it on him, but isn't that always the way?). It allowed for deeper sharing and acceptance between them.

Julian also had a long road to take toward self-acceptance. Coming from his background, it was good to see him coming to terms with it all.

It was also really great to see Julian work out his differences with Moreland. And to see all the couples interacting.

one thing I didn't quite catch (and maybe it's because it was 2 am when I finished) was how Julian and Lily were living - as the Bells or as the Bellamys (given how Lily suggested they use Bell). Also I would have liked to know if they were still accepted by the ton or if they had to move toward a more gentrified set. But very small in the grand scheme of things, for sure.

Great entry from Dare.