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Bound By Nature - Cooper Davis I liked the premise of this book a lot: two young men fallimg in love even though they are from different, rival packs, and both heir apparent to the alpha. However, it lost me in a couple places. First and foremost, although it's quite clear thay both are to become pack alpha, neither acted alpha at all. They were both sweet boys at 22 and although they had matured in the 5 years between portions of the story, at 27 they still retained that same sense of innocence.

The story itself was told in an innovative way, unfolding both current events and past events at the same pace in alternating chapters, from both POVs. And while I enjoyed it, there seemed to be a lot missing, from pack interaction to a lack of repurcussions on both sides from the past.

So while I liked both Hayden and Josh, I wasn't quite sure why they were wolves, other than to drive their potential "forced mating" and to allow the author to mention their mating scent ad nauseum.