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Long Time Gone - Meg Benjamin 3.5 stars. A nice end to the Toleffson brothers stories. Although it would have been nice to see a conversation between Eric & his brothers about their past, Bejamin managed to convey the goodwill, even if Eric didn't feel worthy of it.

I liked both characters a lot. It was clear that Eric would always need to control his temper bit Morgan accepted and loved him for who he was right now and that made all the difference to him.

Didn't understand why Morgan's dad was so against marketing in general. It seemed a little contrived.

I liked that while Morgan was unsure of her place in Eric's life when his job was on the line, there was no dramatic dumping scene (no pun intended). Just a bit of uncertainty on both their parts.

But I admit that the entire story fit perfectly into quirky, odd Konigsberg. A nice book.