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Night Moves - HelenKay Dimon I think I liked this even more than Dimon's first Intrigue. Liam and Maura were equals, with different but complimentary strengths. Obe thing that strikes me about both her Intrigues is that both heroes come across as himan, rather than superhuman. They feel beat up, tired, achy, and not just on the last page. One scene made me laugh but also struck me as so sweet. "She probably thought her running commentary on ther location was helpful. It was driving him nuts." yet he doesn't tell her to be quiet because he knows she's been through a lot and he is so grateful that she's ok. For her part, Maura isn't afflicted with TSTL. She asks for help and isn't afraid to let Liam protect her when she thought she needed it.

I also liked that Spanner wasn't typed. I thought he might have been going down that path, but Dimon clearly gives him a brain, too.

I can't imagine how hard it is to write nonstop action, keep a decent plot going, and build a romance at the same time, all in a very short page count. Dimon does a good job of it. Looking forward to more.