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Garrett (McKettricks of Texas, #2) - Linda Lael Miller Another winner from LLM. Garrett could have come off as too slick, but he was just a sweet, sensitive guy. I love the way he interacted with Calvin. Julie took a little longer to warm up to, simply because of her overprotectiveness as a parent. But she loosened up a little as the book went on, and her sense of humor and goodness began yo shine through. I liked that even though she thought there likely wasn't a chance in the long term for her and Garrett, she always remained open to possibilities.

I liked the sibling relationship between the sisters and the brothers as well. While Libby, Julie, and Paige all seemed to have their roles within their family down, Tate, Garrett and Austin are still struggling for that same balance. It kept everything from becoming too pat.

Even after working in politics for years, Garrett hadn't lost his sense of idealism and hope. And although I found Calvin to be a bit too precocious for a 5 year old, I enjoyed him, and liked the fact that LLM let the relationship build slowly between Garrett and Calvin. I also liked that she didn't make Julie's ex into a villain - he was just a guy who acknowledged he made mistakes and wanted to right this time around.

While I wouldn't say that the book was perfect, there was a whole lot to enjoy, and to look forward to in Austin & Paige's book.