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Do You Take This Cop? - Beth Andrews Another winner from Beth Andrews. The only reason this doesn't get a 5 is that I disliked Faith for the first part of the book. Andrews portrays her as rigid, unyielding. Even with her son, whom she can't (or won't) recognize she's stifling. Being the parent of two boys, I know you can't expect them to be perfect at all times. Faith expected Austin to be unfailingly polite, have perfect grammar, and obey her in all things at all times. She was even afraid to let her 9 year old son go swimming.

Opening up her heart to Nick wasn't easy, and Andrews shows us how her thoughts changed from calculatingly getting him on her side to trust and love. One of the reasons I love the HSR line is that it never shies away from the tough stuff, even when that stuff makes the characters unlikable and do unlikable things.

I loved Nick's family. So "normal." And watching Faith try to suppress who she really was inside was painful.

A little rambling here, but overall the book was satisfying. The end was wrapped up too quickly, IMO. After a 2-book story arc, to wrap it up with a "6 months later..." was wrong.

Things I loved, like Andrews' voice, the premise, and Nick. And it was brave of Andrews to make Faith so unlikable in the beginning. Things I didn't like so much, like Faith, and the ending.