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The Viscount in Her Bedroom - Gayle Callen This is one of my beloved keepers. There's nothing I didn't like about this book. Great hero, great heroine, wonderful story. This was a heartwarming, touching story, filled with love and humor.

Firstly, there is always talk about covers, and very rarely do we see a blond hero on the cover (unless it's Fabio, LOL). I liked this guy on sight.

What did I like? All the main characters are truly likeable. There is no huge villain - the main conflict is Simon's blindness. I liked the way Simon's family rallied around him (with the exception of his mother, who comes back later to provide the impetus for the resolution of the story). I liked the way Simon wasn't wallowing in self-pity. He was slowly trying to put his life back together. And he was open to the changes that Louisa proposed for him - to please her, to please his family, but mostly so that he could improve his quality of life.

I also enjoyed the night-time talks between Simon and Louisa. While they were rife with sexual tension, they also served to bring them closer as friends; they got to know one another, they shared confidences. They served to dispel any misgivings Simon may have had over the one contrived setup - that of Louisa's "perceived reputation" among the men in the ton.

I enjoyed the Wade family dynamics. Lady Wade obviously loves her grandchildren, and that feeling is obviously returned in spades, along with a healthy dose of well-earned respect. I liked the give and take and teasing, but evident love that shone through among the three Wade siblings - untempered, only strengthened, by Simon's accident.

I also enjoyed getting a glimpse, although short-lived, of the three Shelby sisters together with their extended families. They also share a closeness and love together.

What didn't I like? Not much. I probably could have done without Louisa's setup reputation, however its purpose was clear, and it did move the story to its conclusion.

All in all, this was a heartwarming, touching story, filled with love and humor. I also remember really enjoying the first book - The Lord Next Door. For you series sluts out there, the 2nd book is The Duke in Disguise. I can't recommend it, as I haven't read it, but I'm sure I'll pick it up at some point. I also enjoyed Callen's Spies and Lovers trilogy.