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Release - Beth Kery Sean and Genny were both likable characters. Although they were already in love when the book starts, through flashback, we see how that happened, and what happened to tear them apart.

There is a light suspense subplot, but it mostly serves to keep Genny and Sean in the same apartment together. I liked them both, and thought that Kery did a credible job of showing the D/s and Genny's thought processes during it. (Did I mention some hawt sex? It's Kery, duh.)

The one thing I didn't care for, and it seems to be a recurring theme with me this year in several books, is the New Orleans accent that Kery insisted on showing us. Sean calls Genny "girl" all the time, and several times it's mentioned he says it "gull". That just made me think of Genny as a seagull... sorry. There are other places that Kery felt the need to show exactly *how* Sean says particular words. Just telling me he's from New Orleans and has a Southern drawl is enough to get me there.

Aside from that issue, I did enjoy it. Lots of emotion-charged scenes, the characters are honest with each other and (for the most part) talk things out so they don't come to a head. Not as raw as Wicked Burn or as engrossing as Daring Time, but a satisfying and good read nonetheless.