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Sweet Temptation - Maya Banks I had a few issues with this one, most notably, the D/s relationship. There didn't seem to be a give and take. Micah didn't appear to be having sex or dominating for anything other than his own pleasure (including bringing in multiple partners for Angel without any seeming reason for it). He never said anything along the lines of "This makes me happy to see you pleasured". Nope, just ordered Angelina around and treated her awfully. Note that there are several scenes w/multiple partners, including a m/f/m/m/m scene. Where I found, once again, no reason explained for it.

It's always been my understanding that a true D/s relationship works because the Dom truly cares for making the experience on that the sub loves. This seemed to be all about Micah taking and giving nothing back. And although Angelina notes to herself that she's enjoying it, I just didn't buy it.

Three stars because I like Banks' voice, and enjoy the secondary characters (although Julie almost seemed to be a caricature of herself). Also, Micah does admit his mixed up feelings and does his share of groveling at the end. It just wasn't soon enough and enough quantity for me.

I was disappointed in this one and saddened because of it. I really like the other books in this series.