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Naked in Death - J.D. Robb If there’s anyone who doesn’t know this series, well, crawl out from under your rock. You’ll just need to google the synopsis. So there. I’m just going to start right in.

I really loved how Robb not only wrote this as a suspense, and as a romance, but also as a social commentary. That was what grabbed me almost immediately. The commentary on everything from gun control to birth control to genetic engineering to legalized prostitution and drugs. From extreme conservatism to pharmaceuticals and their evolution and cost due to the control of disease. Yet the common cold and the cockroach are still unresolved problems, never to be wiped out. Flat out loved it.

Moving on… Eve. She’s tough, yet vulnerable. Strong, but still needs someone to lean on. Smart as a whip. In your face. Roarke. Enigmatic. Mysterious, yet at the same time, totally open to Eve. He’s the one who shows his vulnerability first. Shows his interest in the relationship. Wants her uncontrollably. Yummy.

The story and suspense portion were very well done. Although I guessed the whodunit fairly early on, I still was pulled into the story by the uniqueness of the setting, the grimness of the characters and the crimes, and the potential of the romance. The sameness of our world set against the possibility of our future and what it might hold.