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Moonshell Beach - JoAnn Ross I love the Shelter Bay setting. Although I loved the story and the writing, there were a couple things that bothered me just a little.

JT was a really well done character. I wish Ross had explored him not feeling like a ghost anymore. That piece of his character was so well done, I'd have liked to see him share that with Mary Joyce. Instead, we get it all from her perspective, as she intuits his feelings. I loved her character in the Castlelough books and was excited this was her story. I thought it all happened so fast, and within a week, JT was over his PTSD and in love. However, JT in love? Magnificent. Sweet. Tender. Fantastic.

I also loved the banter between the 3 Douchett brothers and also between Kara and JT. A very touching moment just before Jara & Sax get married.

Last, Ethan and Phoebe overcome some hurdles and get much closer. Looking forward to more of their growing romance.