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Wildest Hearts - Jayne Ann Krentz Thank you, HelenKay :)

I enjoyed this book. I admit to the reservations about a hero named Oliver, but the stereotype was turned on its head. A man who, left to his own devices, likely would have fit his name's stereotype.

I loved the time period. No cell phones. People couldn't get a hold of someone at the touch of a button. CDs were still new enough to be spelled out in big letters: Compact Disc. People still had diskettes on their computers and wireless was sure to be the next big technology. Awesome.

I loved how Annie manipulated Oliver. Subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, lol. Although I called who the villain was pretty quickly after it was clear there was a suspense plot, it didn't really undermine my enjoyment. Since I began reading romance in the early to mid 80s, the book didn't feel anachronistic to me. Things that would likely bother younger readers used to more modern ideas didn't bother me. I especially like that in a time when it didn't happen frequently, the book was written from both Annie & Oliver's POVs equally.

I was challenged to read this, then gifted the book when I told HelenKay Dimon I wasn't a fan of Krentz (or either of her alter egos). So thanks HelenKay. While I wouldn't call myself a fan, I still got a lot of enjoyment out of my Sunday morning read.