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Divided in Death - J.D. Robb There are plenty enough reviews out there that give the plot summary. So I'll just talk about my reactions. This was a very uncomfortable book, in that Roarke and Eve are again fighting over that which together makes them strong - most especially Roarke's immense love for Eve and his desire to make everything in her world perfect. Which he already does by simply existing, but when he gets a glimpse into her past and learns something rather horrifying (but frankly, not that surprising if we're talking about governments), he is determined to make it right for Eve. Which would involve illegal activity on his part, including murder. He sees no problem with it, but Eve's innate sense of justice won't allow her to sanction it. They spend the entire book at odds, and it's very uncomfortable to read. But uncomfortable does not equal bad, and so I thought this was another excellent and believable entry in the series.