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Enforcer - Lauren Dane This is a reread for me. And now I think I have to go reread the whole darn series.

Loved Nina's irreverence and how it causes Lex such confusion and amusement. Love Dane's wolves. Oh how I adore them. And on this reread, I can see how Dane's writing has changed - not better or worse, just evolved a bit. It also reminded me what I immediately loved about her writing: strong female leads, alpha but sensitive male leads, humor, and great engrossing stories.

If I had one qualm, it's how Lex and Cade simply expected her to go along with all that was required in order to change fully and complete the tri-bond and Claiming. And then were frustrated when she was ticked off. But in her own time, she came to understand and feel good in her new skin. So it was all good.

Must now move on to #2.