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Don't Cry - Beverly Barton I really liked this one. I thought the relationship between JD and his daughter was realistic and great. I liked that Audrey wasn't perfect - she judged JD and found him wanting, but I could see that it was a defense mechanism against her attraction. The relationships between Audrey and the men in her family was riveting to me. I thought Barton did a great job of showing how tragedy has long-term effects on a family.

The mystery was creepy enough to hold my interest. And although I guessed the whodunnit faorly early, it still worked for me.

Just a couple quibbles. I wasn't happy with the outcome for Audrey's brother. Although I agreed with his part in it, I didn't like the way it played out. And am I the only person who thinks that Barton is a closet Wayne's World fan? The two cop brothers-in-law, Wayne and Garth? I kept hearing "party on" in my head the whole time, LOL.

Anyway, a very solid entry from Barton. And O read she's writing another story for Audrey and JD. Hmmmm. Will be on the lookout for that one.