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A Little Bit Wild - Victoria Dahl 3.5 stars.

I liked the story, a lot, but there were a few things that bothered me. First, the first couple chapters were devoted to how ugly Jude is, in the heroine's opinion. Saying it once, maybe even twice would have been sufficient for me. So that threw me right at the beginning of the book.

Second, and perhaps more important, the heroine is selfish and spoiled. And yes, I understand that's the point and that Dahl goes out of her way to show it, but Marissa came to her realizations too late in the book for my wholehearted approval. However, I did like that the hero loved her for that, and for who she was. I also really liked that they both grew and learned about themselves and each other in order to become more accepting.

Loved that by the end of the book, what Marissa saw in the beginning as unattractive features on Jude, at the end struck her as intensely masculine (yum) and perfect for him. (And her).

Lots of bits of humor as well, to keep me entertained. Dahl has a wicked sense of humor, and it shines through. Love that.

And the opening? I really liked it. Very different for a historical, for sure.

Her other historicals have been far more serious (and I admit that I enjoyed them more). This one reads like one of her contemporaries voice-wise, but in the historical setting.