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Untraceable - Laura Griffin Really I'd give this 3.5. It didn't grab me quite as much as Whisper of Warning. The setup was good but I kept thinking that Alex was teetering on the brink of TSTL. How many times do you chase after someone who is obviously jeeking your chain? I sided with Nathan on his thinking. I also felt like Alex called Nathan only when she needed something, and otherwise left the relationship building up to him. And while Alex's fear of relationships was a major theme in the book, she wasn't convincing enough for me.

On the other hand, I thought Nathan was wonderful, his overprotective instincts aside. He was smart, thorough, and yet sweet as well as alpha. He was self-aware, too.

The plot was plausible, and I didn't know whether to be appalled at the idea that so many law enforcement could be involved in something so bad or disbelievin of it as a resolution.

Griffin writes suspenseful, tight books and manages to get a wonderful love story in there at the same time. Although I didn't care for Alex, I will definitely be reading more frem Griffin.