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Knight of Desire - Margaret Mallory Reread in July 2010. 4.5 stars. I enjoyed this even more the 2nd time around. I don't usually care for medievals but this struck all the right chords with me. William was a wonderful hero who, while a fierce warrior, was fillled with love as well as self-doubt. The times encouraged husbands to doubt their wives and wives to doubt their husbands. When William realizes that he trusted Catherine implicitly all the years before it was like watching a light bulb go off over his head. I also loved how accepting he was of Jamie and Stephen.

Catherine is a strong heroine, yet also filled with softness and love. Her past experiences have taught her that she can rely on herself. Still, she'd rather share her life with William. Yet she gives as good as she gets when her loyalty is questioned. Fiercely protective of her loved ones, brave in the face of adversity. A wonderful heroine.

It was definitely worth the reread.